Time To Sell Your Shop?

Let's get you to the finish line.

Let's get you back Your Time.

Imagine being the boss of your time, free from all the stress and worry of running your shop.

Let's get you back Your Freedom.

Imagine getting back your time, free of constraints. Your time to what you want to do.

Let's get you back to your passions.

All those plans you had for when you sold the business, they are yours now. Time again to pursue your passions. 

58 Pontiac

“I couldn't have sold with out my coach.”

I consider myself a successful business person. I grew our shop from one bay to two locations doing four million a year. But I know I would not have been successful in the sale had it not been for my Consolidation Coach Laura Gay.
Sandra Files

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Selling a business is not easy, and there are a lot of things that can kill a sale. You need a coach on your side who has successfully navigated the sale of shops just like yours.

You Don't have to go it alone!

With a Good Coach:

You can get top dollar.

Structure the deal to save you taxes.

Knows all the ins and outs of a successful sale.

Knows what the MSO’s are looking for in a successful deal.

Gives you an honest pre-market evaluation.

Ensures a smooth and pain-free transaction.

Ensures building owners get proper rents with safe long term leases.

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