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Laura’s story is much like many shop owners, her success grew out of hardship, hard-work, and determination. Laura grew up in a family business that closed in 1990 due to the recession.  

Always focused on improving, Laura attended community college part time while working several jobs to make ends meet. One of the jobs included working for a new car dealership. The dealer
saw her determination and work ethic and offered her an opportunity to work in their collision center. She exceled in the collision center and within 1 year she became manager and increased sales from $1.5 to $3.5 million a year.  

Laura’s success made an impact in the collision space and she was recruited and worked for Maryland Auto Insurance Fund, Progressive Insurance, and USAA in estimating, bodily injury,
salvage, arbitration, and management.  

In early 2006, a shop owner approached Laura and her former husband to buy his shop that was in financial ruin.  Always seeing a business opportunity, Laura put together her first of many transactions by purchasing $300K in accounts payable debt, minimal business assets, and real estate.  In true Laura fashion, she tripled the annual sales in the first 18 months taking the shop from $1 million to $3 million in annual sales.  

A process driven leader, Laura’s success came as a result of utilizing the 5S workplace organizational method and created her own collision center lean management process.  Coupled with having a keen eye for retail, she deployed marketing and branding to drive revenue, as a result the shop grew to $5.5
million in sales in less than 3 years.  

In the fall of 2011, she identified and purchased a second failing collision center.  Integrating the same business philosophy at the second location which propelled the annual sales from $750,000
to $3 million in the first year. 

In 2015, the opportunity presented itself and Laura decided to sell both shops to Caliber Collision.  Before the deal was entertained, Laura dove in deep to learn every aspect of the consolidation process including the many dynamics of valuing a collision center.  

After the deal closed on her own shops, informally she assisted 20 + colleagues/shop owners with the sale of their collision centers and continued to expand her knowledge and expertise of mergers and acquisitions. In 2017, the Consolidation Coach was born. She realized many shop owners desperately needed trusted help and guidance with the process of selling their shop.

Collision Coach specializes in assisting collision center owners in a seamless transaction process to obtain the maximum returns for their business and help them realize the next chapter of their life. 
Laura also has a separate consulting business, Collision Consulting of Florida, which provides full in shop evaluations and services across the United States for all aspects of collision repair space.  

Laura currently resides in Georgetown, South Carolina with her high school sweetheart and her three dogs.  She is an avid golfer, loves anything to do with any type of racing, and is a member of
several car clubs and ladies’ golf leagues


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